Kasosio was founded on June 2020 in hopes of revolutionizing the supply chain and make the process of finding and transacting with suppliers much faster and easier.


“The driver”

Johannes Rommel Cortez

He leads and makes sure that the company stays in the right path. He likes wearing the same shirt for some reason.

“The Magician”

Marv Eadtler Ishida

He makes the magic happen and makes this all possible. He always tap his fingers on a surface to reduce boredom.

“The Protege"

Aldrin Serpa Juan

This dude does the programming things that’s all you need to know. He likes listening to Kpop songs, even if he doesn’t understand it.

“The architect”

Gregg Bueno

He designs and makes Kasosio cool. He always replies “huh” when someone’s talking to him.

“The Undercover agent”


He/she makes sure that Kasosio is market ready. This one likes to keep his/her identity a secret so let’s respect that.

“The Secret spy”


This one is responsible for the overall user experience. Apparently, this one likes to keep his/her identity a secret too… for now.

“The Shy guy”


He’s like Aldrin but focuses on browsers. No explanations for this one he’s just really shy.

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